Frans van den Boogaard | Artist, sculptor and photographer

Mixed media artist, painter and photographer, Frans van den Boogaard brings the viewer into an obsure universe mercilessly devoid of humanity.  Though a heavy subject, even in the course of deterioration one can find beauty.  

"My mission is to treat these themes with aestheticism, lightness and, sometimes, irony.   As a painter of wartime scenes and mountains on large canvasses, in the last several years, I have been focusing more on installations."

Born:  11 Nov 1952 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands     

1974 -1978: Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Diverse group and sole exhibitions in the Netherlands, France, Spain and U.K.

Works are housed in several collections in locations such as the Dutch Embassy in London (actually in Shanghai).

Frans has been living in the French Pyrenees since 1983.